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The Tavern Bar (Naama Bay) is the No.1 sports venue in Sharm, boasting 7 screens, 6 satellites including a big screen projection system.


This all contributes to the buzzing atmosphere provided by all the avid sports fans.

We can accommodate almost every major sporting event. If it’s not listed and we have it, we’ll show it!


- World Cup
- English Premier League and Championship
- Champions League and UEFA CUP
- Rugby Union
- Rugby League
- F1
- Cricket
- Darts
- Tennis

Saturday 20th December 2014


Sky Bet Championship 

Derby County vs Norwich at 2:15pm

Ipswich vs Middlesborough at 5pm

Nottingham Forest vs Leeds Utd at 7:15pm



Barclays Premier League

Man City vs Crystal Palace at 2:45pm

Hull vs Swansea at 5pm (TBC)

QPR vs West Brom at 5pm (TBC)

Southampton vs Everton at 5pm

Aston Villa vs Man Utd at 5pm

Tottenham vs Burnley at 5pm (TBC)







Sunday 21st December 2014


Barclays Premier League

Newcastle vs Sunderland at 3:30pm

Liverpool vs Arsenal at 6pm





Monday 22nd December 2014


Barclays Premier League

Stoke vs Chelsea at 10pm